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7 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

We know people love their pets and taking your pet along on your travels or on vacation can be a fun adventure for both of you. However, traveling with your pet isn’t without its challenges. Here are our 7 tips for traveling with your pet. 1. Make sure your pet has ID – Make sure […]

Beach Treasures: Keepsakes You Can Find on the Beach

Searching for treasures on the beach is called beachcombing. Anyone can go beachcombing and find a number of keepsakes. Don’t waste money buying these items in a beach store when you can find them yourself and make memories at the same time. The best time to go beachcombing is early in the morning during low […]

DIY Beach Art to Remember Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

While the beach stores and local souvenir markets are packed with ready-made artwork you can buy and take home, why not make it yourself and include your personal memories? We have a few fun DIY beach art projects that are simple to make but have a lifetime of memories.   Shadow Boxes Display your interesting […]

Fun Fall Festivals to Check Out During Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Fall is festival time in Myrtle Beach and there are so many going on that no matter when you visit us this fall, you’ll have a fun and cool event to check out. Here are a few of our favorites: Ocean Lakes Ocean Lakes Halloweekends – October 11-12, 18-19 and 25-26, 2019 Each Halloweekend, everyone […]

Rip Currents: How to Recognize and Escape a Rip Current

A rip current is a fast-moving channel of water going from shore out to sea. It can move as fast as 8 feet per second and is responsible for an average of 100 drowning deaths in the United States every year. Approximately 80% of beach rescues involve rip currents. Rip currents kill more people every […]

Wild Myrtle Beach Weather! Weather Safety at the Beach

Lightning is one of the most dangerous weather-related risks at the beach, along with rip currents, tsunamis and excessive heat/dehydration. There are an average of 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes every year in the United States. There are an average of 300 to 500 people struck by lightning each year and around 10-15% of them […]

Packing for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation: A Checklist

Before we dig into the checklist for your vacation packing, a few words about the way you pack to help you make the most of your luggage space. First, choose luggage that is lightweight and easy to carry–and wheels are a life-saver. The last thing you want to do on your beach vacation is lug […]

Vacation Rentals: The Affordable Alternative to Glamping

Definition of Glamping: A form of camping involving accommodations and facilities more luxurious than those of traditional camping. While glamourous camping or glamping sounds too luxurious for the average person (and it certainly can be), it’s not too terribly difficult to get more ritzy than a tent on the ground. One affordable glamping option is […]

Boogie Boarding Safety Tips

Boogie boarding is a popular alternative to surfing. Did you know that boogie boarding is just as dangerous or even more so than surfing? Many parents, especially, assume boogie boarding is safer than surfing but this is unfortunately not true. Here’s how to keep yourself and your kids safe while boogie boarding. 1. Anyone using […]

Staying Well Hydrated at the Beach

It has been an unusually hot and humid summer so far, and the hottest days are yet to come. When visiting us here in Myrtle Beach, it’s important to make sure you stay well hydrated, especially at the beach. Dehydration, especially given the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing, can become a dangerous medical emergency faster […]

Tips for Choosing a Great Vacation Rental for Your Next Vacation

If you’ve never stayed in a vacation rental before or if you have and had a less than desirable experience, you might be hesitant to choose a vacation rental for your next vacation. We have some tips and questions to help you choose a great vacation rental with confidence. Check them out! 1. Check out […]

Beach Flag Warnings and What They Mean

If your visit with us in Myrtle Beach will be your first time experiencing the beach, it’s important for you to know the beach flag warnings and what they mean. This will ensure you have a safe and fun vacation here with us.   About the Beach Flag Warning System Beach flags are usually found […]