Top Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental

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Top Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental

Staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel gives you a lot more freedom and space to spread out and enjoy your family vacation. But how do you choose one and what kinds of things should you look for before you book? Check out these top tips for choosing a vacation rental:

1. Investigate the kitchen – The crown jewel of any vacation rental should be the kitchen. This is where you can save money on your family vacation by choosing which meals to cook and which meals to eat out. At hotels, you are often limited to certain times of day when the cafe is open or have to take in every meal at a nearby eatery. With a vacation rental, you can have snacks, fruit, breakfast fixings and even cook dinners right there in your rental. You want to see a kitchen that is well stocked with cookware, dishes and utensils and other essentials. You’ll want to see a full-sized cooktop and a full-sized refrigerator, too.

2. Read the reviews – Read the reviews of previous guests but also make sure you read responses from the owners, especially if a guest encountered an issue. How the owners respond will show you everything you need to know about whether you want to rent from them or not.

3. Review the amenities – In an area like Myrtle Beach, many vacation rentals have a great set of amenities such as pools, kiddie pools, lazy rivers and other resort-style fun. Check whether the vacation rental includes Wi-Fi, board games, streaming service or cable and whatever else is important to you and your family.

4. Review the cleaning fees – Many vacation rentals have a separate cleaning fee so be sure you know all the fees you’ll be required to pay along with the rental’s price. This way you aren’t surprised by any “hidden fees” you weren’t expecting.

5. Explore rentals off the beaten path – Vacation rentals don’t have to be right on the beach or next door to the biggest area attractions to be great. What makes them great is having the essentials you need and providing a clean and relaxing space that you and your family can feel at home in.

6. List out your needs – When you are investigating vacation rental properties, it’s helpful to make a couple of lists for yourself. One list is all of the essentials you absolutely need in your vacation rental. The second list is all of the “nice to have” items that aren’t essential, but you’d be pleased if they were included. Make sure any vacation rental you consider meets everything on your essentials list and as many items on your nice to have list as possible.

Choosing a vacation rental over a hotel for your Myrtle Beach vacation is a no-brainer. Choosing the vacation rental itself can be a little trickier. Use these top tips for choosing a vacation rental to help guide you in finding the best choice for you and your family.