Why Choose a Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel?

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Why Choose a Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel?

When planning your visit to Myrtle Beach, you want the best accommodations at the best price. While there are tons of hotels along the Grand Strand, you can snag even better accommodations when you consider a vacation rental. Why choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel? We have just a few reasons for you!

1. It’s like home – A vacation rental is a condo, townhouse or home that is rented out to visiting vacationers. When you choose a vacation rental, you aren’t just choosing a room, you’re choosing a whole home! That means your accommodations feel more like home where it feels like a home away from home.

2. Kid and pet friendly – Many vacation rentals are pet friendly though you’ll want to double check with your booking service or the owner of the property before bringing your pupper doggo. However, many do allow pets, so you don’t have to leave your pup at a kennel back home. It’s also kid friendly because you don’t have adjoining rooms in all directions to complain about noise.

3. Save money on meals – Vacation rentals come with a kitchen fully stocked with dishes, pots and pans and other equipment. So you can shop for your favorite foods and cook your meals at your vacation rental to save money.

4. Do laundry – Many vacation rentals come equipped with laundry machines so if you need to do a load of beach towels or clothes, you can. Just like home!

5. You have more space – When you choose a hotel, you get just a room. With a vacation rental, you get a whole home so you have plenty of space to spread out and relax.

6. Luxury amenities – Many vacation rentals come with access to resort-style amenities such as pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and some even have special beach access. Most vacation rentals also come with internet access and great streaming options for the TV (though we know you’ll be at the beach).

7. More people can vacation for less money – When you choose a vacation rental, there is space for more people to vacation together and by splitting the cost, everyone saves money over a pricey hotel.

Why choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel? We can think of a few reasons why a vacation rental might be right for you. Your vacation rental is your home away from home and much more welcoming than a standard hotel room. Check out our available vacation rentals and plan your Myrtle Beach vacation with us!