Top 6 Features People Look for in a Vacation Rental House

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Top 6 Features People Look for in a Vacation Rental House

The vacation rental market is growing more popular every year. Renting a whole home or condo is preferable to having a single hotel room and the rates are often quite similar during the height of tourist season. Here are the top 6 features people look for in a vacation rental house.

1. Affordable Rates – Price is often the deciding factor in any consumer purchase, and it’s true when looking for vacation rentals too. Of course, like many things, you get what you pay for. A property that is too cheap to be true could have a lot of wear and tear whereas a slightly higher but still affordable rate can increase the value and amenities that come with your rental.

2. Modern Amenities & Upgrades – Nowadays, vacationers are much pickier about the features of the places they rent. They prefer updated appliances, technology and upscale amenities. For example, people expect vacation rentals to have Wi-Fi and often won’t rent a unit without it. Other amenities vacationers love include washer/dryer access, beach access, swimming options and nearby shopping.

3. Pet-Friendly Options – For some vacationers, pets are an essential part of the family. Luckily, there are lots of vacation rental houses available for people who want to bring their animal companions with them on vacation! Vacationers will search specifically for vacation rentals that allow pets because then they know they can stay somewhere that welcomes their loved ones.

4. Most Popular Locations – Some vacationers solely care about location. They are flexible about how fancy/cheap/large/modern their vacation home is, as long as it’s in the most popular tourist locations. Renters specifically look at vacation rentals near the beach or major attractions here in the Grand Strand.

5. Attentive Property Manager & Communication – Another factor that vacationers consider is the level of communication and availability they have with vacation rental owners/property managers. Renters look for vacation rentals with high-quality customer service because it means easier access to vacation home information, better odds of quickly resolving any problems that arise and ease in finding suitable alternatives if there are inconveniences during their stay. For example, Beach House Rentals 4 U leaves special treats for guests along with guidebooks and valuable information they might need during their stay.

6. Flexible Terms & Set Cleaning Fees – Another selling point is flexibility in terms. Some vacationers want to rent out vacation homes for shorter terms while others are looking for longer terms. Vacationers also don’t want to be hit with unexpected high cleaning fees at the end of their stay. Vacationers prefer vacation rentals that allow flexible terms and have strict set cleaning fees that are disclosed in advance of their stay.

These top 6 features people look for in a vacation rental house can help you choose the vacation rental that is right for you. Whether you want to be close to the beach, need flexible terms or want to bring your pup along, you can find it in the Myrtle Beach vacation rental market. Check out Beach House Rentals 4 U’s list of rentals with great amenities and lots of options for you to find your perfect home away from home.