5 Reasons to Choose a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental and Bring Your Pet on Vacation!

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5 Reasons to Choose a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental and Bring Your Pet on Vacation!

The last time you went on vacation, did you get the look, you know that look your dog gives you when they know you’re going on a trip and leaving them behind? That look can melt your heart and leave you feeling guilty and missing your pup your entire vacation. This year, snag a pet-friendly vacation rental and bring your pet with you! There are actually a number of great reasons to bring your pet on vacation. Oh look! We have 5 reasons right here!

1. Save money on boarding or pet sitting – Boarding your pet or paying a pet sitter can be a big expense. Especially if your pet has medical needs or medication to be administered, the cost of boarding can really add up. Did you know that pet-friendly vacation rentals aren’t that much more expensive than other vacation rentals? This means bringing your dog with you can actually save you money!

2. You won’t miss your pet – When you’re used to a big fluffy dog stealing your covers every night, you miss them while you are away. You don’t have to! Check out some pet-friendly vacation rental listings to find one just right for your new adventures with your pet. You won’t miss time away from them or their sleep-inducing snuggles.

3. Connect with locals – One of the best ways to meet the locals and get the scoop on the hot happenings around town is to take your pup to a local dog park near your vacation rental. You’ll meet some fun dog-loving locals and get the best advice on the fun stuff to check out in town. You might even make some new life-long friends.

4. You’ll stay active – When you and your pooch are used to regular walks at certain times of day, that doesn’t have to stop because you’re on vacation…if you bring your dog with you. Walking the dog is part of most people’s fitness routine so what better way to make sure you stay active on vacation than to bring your exercise buddy with you? It’s for your health, really.

5. Avoid coming home to a depressed pet – It’s no secret, your pet thinks you’re the bee’s knees. When you leave them behind at a boarding facility or with a pet sitter, they can feel confused, stressed and often, depressed. Taking your pet with you is not only more fun for you but less stressful and upsetting for your pooch because no matter where you roam, they’ll be on a great adventure with their favorite human ever–you!

Gone are the days when pets had to be left at home during vacation time! With so many pet-friendly vacation rentals available, now your pet can come with you. And if you need more reasons than just missing them to save your reputation, we’ve got 5 great reasons above for you.