Bringing Your Dog on Vacation to Myrtle Beach: Tips for the Trip

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Bringing Your Dog on Vacation to Myrtle Beach: Tips for the Trip

The vacation season will soon be upon us. If you’ve been thinking about taking your dog on vacation with you this summer, you’ll want to be prepared for the trip. Though it may be exciting to take a trip with your canine friend, there are some things that you should know before departure day. Below we outline some of the most important tips bringing your dog on vacation to Myrtle Beach and having a vacation to remember:

Tip #1: Plan ahead
If possible, plan out your trip in advance so that you can figure out where your dog will stay on the way to your destination. Once you reach Myrtle Beach, plenty of vacation rentals welcome you to bring your pup along.

Tip #2: Pack accordingly
In order to have a smooth vacation, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time. Make sure your doggo has his shots and is wearing a collar with proper identification tags at all times. Bring a leash for him so that he can be taken outside when he needs to go. Also remember any medication that your pet should take throughout your vacation (and double check that it’s legal in the states through which you’re traveling). You should also bring a pet first aid kit and any paperwork you need to transport your pup across state lines (your vet can tell you what is needed).

Tip #3: Bring a photo of your dog
In case your pup gets lost on vacation, having a current photo is as important as having proper identification tags. You would be surprised by how many people lose their pet every year due to improper identification and lack of a good photo. To be safe, always bring a photo. It’s also a good idea to have your pup microchipped before your trip. Just make sure to register him with the microchip company so they have your information to contact you if your pet is found.

Tip #4: Check out local spaces that allow pets
Ahead of your trip, investigate dog parks, dog-friendly eateries and other places you can take your pet with you. The last thing your dog wants to do is spend his vacation in a strange place without you while you’re gone all day. In Myrtle Beach, check out Barc Park South, Heidi’s Pooch Park and Surfside Beach Dog Park. Dog-friendly eateries like The Sneaky Beagle and Sharkey’s Oceanfront Restaurant let your doggo dine with you. Check out more dog-friendly options at

Remember these tips bringing your dog on vacation to Myrtle Beach when vacation season rolls around so that you can have a fun-filled vacation that includes your dog. There are lots of pet-friendly vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach for you to choose from and plenty you can do around town with your pet in tow.