Top 18 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

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Top 18 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

The beach is a place where you can do so much more than just sunbathe, swim and surf. Put on your summer gear, slather on some sunscreen and let’s dive into the top 18 fun things you can do at the beach!

1. Build a sandcastle. Challenge your family to a build-off and see who can build the best sandcastle. Or you can challenge other families to see which family will win the title of “best sandcastle”!

2. Collect seashells, rocks, driftwood and sea glass. These are great items for crafty projects to do later or free souvenirs for the friends and family back home.

3. Go crabbing and enjoy some delish seafood that you caught! Catch your own dinner and enjoy the fruits of your labor when you collect your own crabs.

4. Relax and read a book. Whether a thriller or chick lit, a book and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly.

5. Fly a kite (or a few). You can even have a kite flying contest with your family. Whose kite can stay up the longest?

6. Embrace your inner creativity and play photographer. Use your phone and take pictures of the sights and scenes you find at the beach.

7. Try windsurfing/kite surfing. Catch some air and catch some waves at the same time when you try windsurfing. Use the ocean breeze to your advantage to glide across the water and maybe throw a few tricks in there.

8. Go paddle boarding. Paddle boarding isn’t just fun, it’s a test of balance and core strength. You’ll get to explore the shore while standing up to take it all in.

9. Have a beach-worthy picnic. Pack up the fancy stuff with a few cooling blocks. Enjoy a decadent spread of cheeses, sausages, fruit and crisps with jams or marmalade. Add some sparkling cider and you have a delish picnic at the beach.

10. Try out kayaking or canoeing. Kayaking and canoeing are great activities for bird watching and exploring the local area. Many kayak and canoe rental places are actually on the marsh in Murrells Inlet, but you can find a few on the beach proper.

11. Play a game of beach volleyball. Challenge your family or invite another family to play and see who can spike the ball the best.

12. Make sand angels. Just as fun as snow angels but without the freezing temperatures and snow!

13. Rent a jet ski and explore the coastline. Jet skiing is also a great way to see dolphins, sea turtles and other sea creatures. Just don’t get too close so you don’t disturb the sea life.

14. Try boogie boarding. It’s easier than surfing and you catch smaller waves and stay closer to the shoreline so it’s better for teen and younger family members or folks who aren’t into paddling out into deeper waters.

15. Walk the Boardwalk. Go for a stroll along the Boardwalk. Visit the shops, stop and have a bite to eat or an icy or blended drink. Enjoy the scenery and take pictures along the way.

16. Play Frisbee or Frisbee golf! Get your game on and get some great exercise at the same time! Toss a Frisbee around with the kiddos or challenge your partner to see who the best catcher in the family is.

17. Take a deep breath and go snorkeling. Check out the critters beneath the waves as you snorkel along the shore. Just be careful to avoid piers and other structures where sharks congregate.

18. Check out low tide critters. Low tide is a great time to check out cool critters like starfish, live sand dollars and more. Just be careful to look and don’t touch or disturb them as some can be easily injured by human handling.

Who knew there were so many fun things you could do at the beach? While sunbathing, swimming and surfing are also fun, we know you are here in Myrtle Beach to soak up all the fun you can during your vacation. Try some of these top 18 fun things to do at the beach during your vacation!