Beach Treasures: Keepsakes You Can Find on the Beach

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Beach Treasures: Keepsakes You Can Find on the Beach

Searching for treasures on the beach is called beachcombing. Anyone can go beachcombing and find a number of keepsakes. Don’t waste money buying these items in a beach store when you can find them yourself and make memories at the same time. The best time to go beachcombing is early in the morning during low tide. If you can go just after a storm, you’ll find even more treasures as storms tend to bring lots of sand and buried treasures up onto the beach. Just keep in mind, if you aren’t finding much at the beach you’re at then change beaches! With 70 miles of beaches along the Grand Strand, you have a lot of area to explore! As a rule, the less populated and less busy beach areas will offer the best specimens for your keepsake collection. What kinds of items can you find?

Shells – Seashells are an obvious find on the beach. You’ll find all different types of scallop shells, conches and more. Just make sure any shells you pick don’t have a sea animal living in them.

Shark Teeth – Everyone loves finding shark teeth. Look for shiny black triangle shaped items while you explore the beach to find shark teeth. While most of the ones you find will be on the smaller side, every once in a while you get lucky and find a large ancient shark tooth.

Sea Glass – Sea glass are pieces of glass that have been tumbled smooth by the ocean waves and tides. Sea glass can be found in many colors including clear, blues and greens.

Sand Dollars – When collecting sand dollars, make sure you are collecting the skeletons (white or slightly beige in color) and not actual live sand dollars. Sea life deserves to live too, so always make sure your beach finds are skeletons or fossils and not live animals.

Starfish – When you find starfish, you want to make sure it is a skeleton and not a live starfish. Live starfish move and can swim so if your starfish find moves, place it back in the water to live out it’s life. There are plenty of skeletons to unearth.

Driftwood – You can find some beautiful specimens of driftwood while beachcombing. Driftwood is especially good for if you plan to do some DIY art projects with your beach treasure finds.

Beachcombing is a fun way to make memories and find some great beach treasures to take home with you. Just make sure to keep in mind to make sure any treasure you find isn’t housing a living creature. It’s illegal to take living sea creatures from the beaches. Get out and explore and have fun finding fantastic beach treasures.