Why Does BHR4U Stand Out Over Other Vacation Rental Companies

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Why Does BHR4U Stand Out Over Other Vacation Rental Companies

When choosing a vacation rental company, you want to choose one that stands out from the crowd (and boy, is there a crowd). You want a vacation rental company that cares about your experience and truly values the guests that book with them. Why Does BHR4U Stand Out Over Other Vacation Rental Companies. There are other ways in which Beach House Rentals 4U stands out and here are our top 5:

1. We live on-site –

That’s right. We know exactly what kind of experience you’ll have at one of our vacation rentals because we also live right on-site at Ocean Lakes. It also means if there is ever an issue, we are close by and can help rectify any problem you might encounter. Our owners aren’t miles or even states away, they are right there on the same property you will be staying at.

2. We’re a woman-owned property management company –

Everyone knows that sometimes you just need a woman’s touch to make something truly special. We have that woman’s touch down pat. You’ll see it in how we treat our guests, how we care for their needs and how we care for our properties.

3. The little things we do for our guests –

We don’t leave mints on your pillows, but you’ll find we go the extra mile with hospitality. You might find a gift bag of goodies upon your arrival with items like sunscreen and lip balm. Everything from the cleaning to the linens are part of our family-run business. If there is ever a problem, we are here to help.

4. The MyInsider App –

We sponsor the MyInsider App. An app that keeps you in the know on the go. It features dining, events, attractions, live music and so much more. It’s your guide to the Grand Strand in the palm of your hand!

5. Our informative blog –

Our blog is chock full of great information on everything Myrtle Beach and everything you need to know for your Myrtle Beach vacation. From the best sunscreens, to the best beach snacks, to beach ordinances, beach flag color meanings and beach safety topics of all kinds. We keep you up to date on what you need to know for the best and safest beach vacation yet.

Guess what? We have an extra bonus for you!

If you book your 2023 Myrtle Beach vacation with us before January 31, 2023, we’ll give you a $100 discount on your stay! You don’t have to visit before January 31st, but you do have to book your dates by then to receive this special discount. So, check out our properties and score a great deal on your vacation rental with us!