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$1000.00 READ CAREFULLY $1000.00 FINE

Drivers of my golf carts are to be at least 21 years old and have a valid drivers license. If an unlicensed driver gets caught driving my cart, I will lose my golf cart rights and must remove my golf cart from my site for good. This means I will no longer be able to rent a golf cart with my house, nor have one for my own use. IF YOU HAVE A TEENAGER UNDER 21 YEARS OLD WHO YOU WANT TO DRIVE, RENT A GOLF CART FROM OCEAN LAKES I have a $500.00 fee which you (the renter) will have to pay me if you allow an unlicensed driver to drive my cart, (YOU WILL GET CAUGHT), and you will be asked to leave the house immediately and no rent or deposit will be refunded, ***NO EXCEPTIONS*** YOU WILL GET THE $100.00 FINE FROM OCEAN LAKES, WHICH YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAY***IF YOU GET CAUGHT WITH AN UNDER AGE DRIVER YOU WILL ALSO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR A GOLF CART FOR ALL RENTALS FOLLOWING YOU FOR ONE YEAR AT THE CURRENT RATE. (CURRENT RATE IS AROUND 378.25 PER WEEK). This is a lot of money. These people will have to rent a golf cart from Ocean Lakes and I cannot rent my house with a golf cart ever again. There are security guards who live everywhere in Ocean Lakes. All privately owned golf carts can only be covered by home owner’s insurance and this insurance only covers the homeowner, therefore renters are responsible for any injuries to people, property damages, or damages that may occur when renting my house. I have read the above and I will not allow anyone without a driver’s license, under 21 or ANYONE NOT STAYING AT THIS RENTAL TO DRIVE MY GOLF CART WHILE RENTING YOUR BEACH HOUSE. By signing below, I am agreeing to pay the $ 1,000.00 fine and any expenses to other renters or to homeowner if this occurs. I also agree to pay for any costs or damages caused by golf cart while renting home. This form must be signed and returned before you are allowed to use my golf cart.!!!!!!!!!! THIS GOLF CART IS NOT A TOY AND SHOULD BE DRIVEN CAREFULLY AT ALL TIMES.  OCEAN LAKES REQUIRES ALL DRIVERS TO BE 16, AND VALID LICENSE!! NO 15 YEAR OLDS WITH LICENSE. ALL GOLF CARTS ARE TO BE BACK AT THE SITED BY 11:00 PM IF OUT AFTER 11:00 $100.00 FINE LOUD MUSIC $100.00 FINE. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THIS AS WELL. GOLF CARTS ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN OUT OF THE PARK! THIS WILL FORFEIT YOUR USE OF THE GOLF CART