Best Snacks and Beverages for the Beach (or Pool Day)

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Best Snacks and Beverages for the Beach (or Pool Day)

When preparing for a day at the beach or poolside, you want to bring some healthy snacks that will keep you satisfied and give you energy to play all day. Check out our list of the best snacks and beverages for the beach or pool day.


There is really only one beverage that works for the beach and the heat of being out in the sun all day… plain old water. Freeze bottles of water the night before and they serve double duty as ice packs in your cooler or chill bag and as a hydrating beverage. If you’ll have chill all day, you can flavor your water with some fresh fruit juice like pineapple. If there’s a chance your water will get warm, skip the fruit juice and keep it au natural.


There are a variety of snacks that work well for the beach or pool day. The ideal mix of snacks will give you plenty of nutrition and hydration. Here are our top picks:

Apples, oranges, peaches – All of these fruits are hydrating and include essential fiber to help you feel full. They are relatively easy to carry without worrying they’ll turn to mush and destroy your reading materials or iPad.

Frozen grapes – If you’ll have a cooler or chill bag, frozen grapes are a great option. They’re refreshingly cool and also help keep you hydrated.

Trail mix – Stick to trail mixes that just include dried fruit and nuts. Avoid mixes with chocolate or candy in them as those will melt in the heat and become messy. A good option are tropical trail mixes with dried bananas, dried mangoes, dried pineapple and a blend of nuts and coconut.

Peanut butter-filled pretzels – A handy snack that eliminates the mess of bringing peanut butter separate, this snack gives you a nice balance of protein and carbs.

Cheese sticks – Individually-wrapped cheese sticks are a nutritious snack that mixes up your snacking with something creamy.

Granola – Like trail mix, granola gives you a good balance of fats, carbs and protein. Here again, just avoid chocolate to avoid a melty mess.

Single serve nut butter packets – Pair these with apples or celery sticks for a healthy snack that gives you protein and is hydrating too.

Tuna pouches with crackers – For extra punch, choose a flavored tuna pouch and pair with your favorite crackers or crisps.

What’s your favorite pool or beach snack? Our selection of suggested snacks keep hunger at bay while you play all day. Pick up a few at the local market or have a shopping service pick them up and deliver them for you. Have fun!