Why Spend Christmas at the Beach?

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Why Spend Christmas at the Beach?

If you’re used to a crackling fire, icicles dangling from trees and a snowy winter wonderland, you might be wondering why spend Christmas at the beach. Why leave the snow covered landscape to escape to a more temperate and sandy location? We have some great reasons for you right here!

1. Leave holiday stress at home –

Instead of attending endless parties, slugging through crowds at the mall while looking for the perfect presents and fighting holiday traffic, leave the stress behind and spend that time relaxing at the beach with your loved ones instead. Instead of last minute gifts, your beach vacation IS the gift to yourself and your family. You’ll get quality time together in a fun and relaxing place without all of that holiday stress.

2. Nice getaway from cold, snowy weather –

Let’s face it, most people really only like snowy weather on Christmas itself. The other four to five months of snow and cold are just a slushy, icy mess you could do without. Get a break from the snow and cold when you spend Christmas at the beach! What are you really missing? The snow and ice and cold will still be there when you get back and it will be hanging around for a few more months yet.

3. Score great deals –

Because Christmas falls during the “off season” for beachy areas, you can score some killer deals on flights, lodging and even rental cars. In tropical or subtropical areas like Myrtle Beach, you can take advantage of off season rates to truly relax and enjoy the Christmas holiday.

4. A different kind of “white Christmas” –

You’ll get to experience a different kind of white Christmas where the white snow is traded for sand and sunshine. Build sandcastles instead of snowmen. Okay, you can build a sandman if you really want to – we won’t judge! You might even find that you enjoy this kind of white Christmas more than the cold and snowy kind and make Christmas in Myrtle Beach a new yearly tradition.

Why spend Christmas at the beach? Why not! You can score great deals, have a fun getaway from the snow and cold, experience a different kind of white Christmas and leave all of that terrible holiday stress behind you! You can have a relaxing holiday without all the fuss and definitely without the winter weather. So come on and join us for Christmas this year – we’d love to have you!