Surprising Wildlife You Might See in Myrtle Beach

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Surprising Wildlife You Might See in Myrtle Beach

Every year people flock to Myrtle Beach for its beautiful landscape and long stretches of sandy beaches. Most people don’t know Myrtle Beach also has some interesting wildlife! Here is a list of some of the interesting and exciting animals you can might see on your Myrtle Beach Vacation:


Alligators are usually very docile and great swimmers but can be very dangerous if you get too close. They use their jaws to pull prey into the water so they can drown them before eating them. When hiking in any of our state parks, be sure to keep all people and pets at least 15 feet away from bodies of water where alligators might be lurking.


Jellyfish frequently wash up on the beach. It’s important not to touch them as they pack a ferocious sting. If you are swimming and see them in the water, get out of the water as carefully and as quickly as you can to avoid being stung.


Snakes love the humid climate in Myrtle Beach. While there are many species of snakes here, the most important ones to watch for are the venomous ones. The most common venomous snakes in Myrtle Beach are the copperhead and the cottonmouth. If you see any snake, keep your distance because even if they aren’t venomous, being bitten isn’t fun.


Coyotes are common in the Myrtle Beach area and are often wandering around looking for food. They can be found in our state parks but also in urban areas as well. If you have an encounter with a coyote, making loud noises usually scares them off.


It’s a common sight to see pelicans flying overhead near Myrtle Beach or taking a rest on the fishing piers. Pelicans are large birds that have been around for over a million years. They aren’t typically friendly birds so it’s best to admire them from afar when you see them.

All of these animals, especially the alligators, should be treated with caution as they can cause harm if you get too close. Just because there is wildlife in Myrtle Beach does not mean we aren’t safe; it just adds an interesting twist on our beautiful landscape. Keep your eyes open and carry a camera with you everywhere you go so you won’t miss out on seeing any of these amazing Myrtle Beach wild animals.