Beat the Heat at the Beach

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Beat the Heat at the Beach

Things get hot down at the beach so you have to plan ahead for ways you can beat the heat while at the beach. Check out these handy tips to help you keep your cool for your next beach day.

Take a dip –

Make sure to actually enjoy the water and take a dip. Don’t just lay away the day on the sand, get in those waves and get wet. The water will help cool you down and refresh you. Just make sure to reapply sunscreen after a swim.

Stay hydrated –

Bring a cooler with plenty of frozen waters to drink as they melt. You’ll stay hydrated which helps you beat the heat and you can use the frozen water bottles to help keep other items cool in our next tip. Also, avoid alcohol which can cause dehydration and actually make the heat feel worse.

Load up on the fruit –

Add plenty of cut up fruit to your cooler. Choose fruits with a high water content to also help you keep hydrated like citrus fruits, watermelon and pineapple. Keep it cool with the frozen water from the tip above.

Cover it up –

Block the sun’s direct rays with a handy beach umbrella. You can also block the intensity of the sun with a fashionable coverup. Also, remember to keep your skin covered in sunscreen to prevent sunburns and skin cancer.

Play! –

Keep your mind occupied and you won’t be thinking about the heat. Join a game of beach volleyball, build a sandcastle, play in the surf and otherwise just have fun. It will keep you busy and keep your mind off the temperature.

There’s no doubt about it –

at the beach, it gets hot, hot, hot! A little bit of planning will help you enjoy the beach while keeping cool. Beat the heat by drinking plenty of water, snacking on fresh juicy fruits, going for a swim, keeping covered up and getting your playtime on. We’ll see you at the beach!