7 Reasons to Choose a Campground Vacation

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7 Reasons to Choose a Campground Vacation

Summer is coming and it’s time to plan your summer vacation. Have you considered camping? Choosing a campground for your next family vacation spot has a surprising number of benefits you might not realize.

1. Nature – Being out in nature is a benefit all by itself. Fresh air, salt, sand and sun are all plentiful in the Grand Strand. Plus, plenty of trees and greenery to help you feel relaxed and inspired.

2. Exercise – A campground vacation often includes plenty of hiking, swimming, surfing, fishing and other fun that doubles as great exercise.

3. Disconnect – When you go camping, it’s the perfect excuse to disconnect from your phone, your computer, work back home and social media. Disconnect from the electronics and reconnect with your family and friends.

4. Sunshine – Both adults and kids often suffer from low levels of Vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin”. Why? Spending our days cooped up in office buildings and classrooms means less exposure to the sun. Humans actually make Vitamin D when their skin is exposed to sunshine. Vitamin D is required for good health, regulating hormones, boosting the immune system and regulating mood, among other things.

5. Affordable – A campground vacation is way more affordable than staying in a hotel or motel. Plus, most campers enjoy cooking around the campfire and enjoying that time together means less money spent eating out at expensive restaurants.

6. Sleep better – Being out in nature isn’t just good for boosting Vitamin D. Spending time outdoors in nature helps your body reset itself to nature’s clock and that reset button can give you the best sleep you’ve ever had on vacation.

7. Feed your brain – New and unique experiences create new pathways in your brain. If you haven’t been camping before or haven’t been camping here in Myrtle Beach, you are guaranteed to have fun and exciting experiences that literally feed your brain.

When planning your upcoming vacation, consider choosing a campground vacation!  All of our beach vacation rentals at Beach House Rentals 4 U are in the beautiful ocean-front campground of Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach.  You’ll not only save money and boost your health, but you’ll help build memories that will last a lifetime.