Important Beach Regulations to Know in Myrtle Beach

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Important Beach Regulations to Know in Myrtle Beach

When you visit the Myrtle Beach area, there are some important beach regulations you should know. Violations of beach regulations can result in misdemeanor charges plus a $500 fine and/or up to 30 days in jail. Myrtle Beach takes their beach regulations seriously so it’s important to know before you go. Here are some of the top beach regulations to know in Myrtle Beach.

Obey the beach flags –

The beach flags indicate conditions in the water and the safety or any hazards to the public from going in the water. It’s important to obey the beach flags and know what each means. To learn more about beach flag colors and warnings, click here.

Alcohol and glass –

Alcohol and glass are not permitted on the beach at any time.

Thongs –

Thong style bathing suits are prohibited on the beach and in public. Wearing this attire can get you ticketed or fined.

Pier clearance –

Swimming and surfing are not allowed within 75 feet of any pier. A big reason for this is that sharks tend to congregate around piers where people are fishing and pose a danger to swimmers and surfers.

Beach dunes –

It is illegal to disturb, walk on or damage beach dunes, sea grass oats and sand fencing.

Fires –

Any fire is prohibited on the beach, including bonfires and barbeques.

Marine life –

It is illegal to disturb, harass or otherwise bother marine life on the beach, including sea turtles, seals and other marine life.

Holes –

It is prohibited to dig holes deeper than 2 feet deep and all holes must be filled before you leave.

Dogs on the beach –

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, dogs are only permitted on the beach before 10AM and after 5PM. The rest of the year, dogs are permitted at any time. *Service dogs are exempt from this rule.

Umbrellas –

May 1 through Labor Day, only circular umbrellas up to 7.5 feet in diameter are allowed on the beach.

For more information on beach rules and regulations in Myrtle Beach and on the Grand Strand, click here. Be sure to follow all of the regulations and rules when you visit the beaches in Myrtle Beach so you can have a safe and happy experience visiting our beaches. Also, be sure to pick up any and all trash and don’t leave behind litter. Litter is a hazard to our local wildlife and marine life. Have a great day at the beach!