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  1. Check in is at 3:00pm. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER HOME UNTIL 3:00. Check out is at 10:00am. This is strictly enforced, PLEASE DEPART ON TIME. There will be a $100.00 fee for late check out. This time is used for any repairs, cutting grass, changing filters, checking for damages, and cleaning.
  1. If renter cancels more than 30 days prior to check in and the owner can re- rent the property for full price the deposit will be refunded less a $ 50.00 cancellation fee. If the house remains vacant you will forfeit your deposit. If the renter cancels less than 30 days from the check in date and the owner cannot re-rent the property at full price your rental payment will be forfeited and be retained by the owner as compensation for the time the premises had been held from the rental market. If the rental payment is forfeited the security deposit will be refunded.
  1. The rental shall not be sub-leased, transferred to given to any other party unless agreed upon by the owner, at which time this contract will become void and a new contract shall be entered between the owner and the proposed party. If you rent our house, you must also be present in the house during the ENTIRE rental period to supervise anyone that accompanies you who is under the age of 25. OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE MADE TO LEAVE. No more than the allotted amount of GUEST is allowed in this rental.
  1. The owner may enter premises at reasonable times, with or without notice, for repairs or inspections.
  1. The owner shall not be responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring to the renter or guest of renter on the property or for any injuries or property damages to any property caused by golf cart or renter while renting house (if golf cart is included with the property).
  1. The renter agrees to follow Ocean Lakes rules and regulations, NO parties or loud noises, NO smoking in house. Leave garbage at road on pick-up dates and upon departure for pick up.
  1. The owner is not responsible for any stolen items or damages resulting from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other natural disasters. Renter is responsible for evacuation if mandatory evacuation with refund if deemed mandatory.
  1. The renter hereby agrees to reimburse the owner for any penalty or fines that may be imposed upon the owner by any court for any reason or violation upon the premise thru fault of the renter herein his/her family members or guests. (see golf cart violations-see golf cart rules) and agreement papers you have signed, Eviction or arrest or golf cart violation is a $500.00-$1000.00 fine.
  1. Do Not put clothes, swim wear, beach towels, rugs, etc. in washer/dryer with sand/salt in them. Please shake items outside to remove sand. Clean dryer filter after each use.
  1. Do not leave golf cart chargers out in the open. They will be stolen. While charging the golf, cart put charger on the inside of golf cart out of site of the road, and do not leave charger in the rain. Do not leave keys in the golf cart when not in use. Do not leave children on golf cart without adult.
  1. The house is inspected before your arrival. It is clean and in order. Upon departure, each guest is responsible for cleaning house and taking garbage to the road. If house is left unclean or if there are any damages money will be taken from your security deposit to cover expenses if cost of damages, cleaning costs, fines or golf cart violation exceeds the deposit the renter agrees to pay the difference immediately. If you have requested and paid for cleaning in advance you need to make beds, take out the trash, make sure dishes are washed and put away, including the dishwasher. Take the garbage can to the road.
  1. Check the house rules list, golf cart rules, and agreement paper upon arrival. These have also been included in your contract as well. Do ALL that apply on the check-out list pertaining to cleaning otherwise the monies will be taken from your deposit.
  1. (If applicable) Follow all the golf cart rules you have signed, there are no exceptions or excuses for your underage driver and will be enforced immediately. (see golf cart rules you have signed) WILL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY AND WILL PAY ALL FINES NO REFUNDS!!!